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Endatus is a full-service Land Administration group.  We provide services and software to replace or supplement in-house employees in Land, Lease Records and Division Orders departments.  We provide all aspects of land administration, whether you need lease and contract analysis, owner relations services, or due diligence projects. If a client has already invested in another software system, Endatus employs analysts with experience in virtually every available software package. 

Endatus was created to fill the gap that comes after the lease is taken. We specialize in small, growing companies who are looking to avoid hiring staff or investing in expensive, bloated software. Obligations must be tracked, title cured, and wells drilled before leases expire. Our certified, experienced analysts can handle all of your land management needs, as often as you need them.  You take the lease, we'll take it from there.  

Need file storage? Searchable Electronic files?  An entire land management system customized to your specific areas, priorities, and budget?  We have that.  No matter the size or urgency, your Land Administration needs End At Us.  

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Management Team

Lucas McGuire


Lucas McGuire came to Endatus in 2014 with Lease, TItle and Land experience, with a strong background in cross-unit analysis and project management. He attended Oklahoma Christian University, and earned his certificate as a Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst. Lucas has over 17 years of related experience. 

Cheryl Ingram

Vice-President, Land Administration

Cheryl Ingram came to Endatus in 2016 with Lease, Title and Land experience, with a strong background in Federal and Indian lease management.  She graduated with her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Oklahoma and earned her certificate as a Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst in 2009.  Cheryl has over 24 years of Land, Lease Records, and Division Orders experience. 



Q:   What is a Virtual Data Room?

A:      Often referred to as VDRs, Virtual Data Rooms provide a more efficient, less intrusive way for companies to market available assets. Initially implemented for Acquisitions and Divestitures, VDRs have proven invaluable for any type of due diligence or data reconciliation. Clients can choose what is visible, who can see it, and how long the data is accessible. Potential buyers no longer need to send groups to other cities and states to dig through paper files because the data and images are all stored online.  Once an asset has been purchased, Endatus can easily hand over an external hard drive containing all related files stored in the original file structure to streamline integration. Additionally, extended access to the VDR can be provided for buyers who need more time to integrate. 

Q:   All of my files are in boxes.  How do I use a VDR?

A:      Endatus provides file digitization, complete with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to turn your paper copies into electronic files.  This means that your files are not only visible, but searchable. Our analysts will review your existing files and reports, entering or importing your data into an online Client Portal. The documents are scanned with text recognition and attached to each electronic record.  This allows users to run reports, download the documents, and see your data in a map instantly. 

Q:   I don't have GIS software or experience.  How can I use your maps?

A:      While we do provide shapefiles for those clients with GIS software, clients utilizing our Client Portal have access to maps built on the data already entered in a client's portal.  Not only is your map updated any time we make changes to your portal, you can also print your map on any standard printer. If you want to see potential assets on a map, our simple Excel Upload mapping feature can overlap multiple views simultaneously to help you view your data in different configurations. Any data displayed on our maps can be filtered, labeled, and "heat mapped" to show greater areas of interest. 

Q:   What can you do for my meetings and investor presentations?

A:     Endatus provides several automated and custom reports and maps just for these meetings. Concise maps with clear labels, intuitive colors and symbols can be printed or displayed on-screen and configured in real time during the meeting.  Our Expiration report is the smartest expiration report you'll find - it not only considers the lease term, but also the tract status along with the term and status of any associated contracts. Obligation reports, acreage summaries, proceed analysis reports - if we collect the data, we can make the report. 

Q:   I don't need full-time help.  Can you just...?

A:     Yes. Whether it's answering calls from owners, creating 9-section plats, tracking activity in an area, or scanning and organizing existing files, if it falls under "Land Administration," we can do it.  Did you just acquire a truckload of boxes?  We can organize and digitize, whether you need maintenance services or not.  Do you need your leases entered into your database?  We can use your system and remotely enter your leases when you get overwhelmed.  Using your guidelines, we can answer owner calls, update ownership based on provided documentation, and process division orders. Even if your landmen just need some help tracking activity, we can manage that for you, too. We provide project-based and full departmental support. 

Q:   I already use your service, but I don't know how to...

A:     Check out our tutorials to see how to do everyday tasks!



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